Leather Card Holder

Please note that this is a small handmade collection with in-store purchases only. Please contact us via our email hello@timmysmith.co.nz to view or purchase from this range.


All of our leatherwork is hand stitched right here on Waiheke Island.

Using only the best materials, our French leathersmith Camille Taupin is a master of her craft  

The sand embedded within the Leather Cardholder is:

In order from top to bottom: Oneroa beach, Oneroa beach, Piha beach

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Product Details

Due to our 'Nude' Leather being Vegetable Leather, it will transition in colour over time

You will find one off variations of pieces in our Oneroa store on Waiheke Island

Photo details:
The Olive Green Leather Card Holder holds Piha sand
The Nude Leather Card Holder holds Oneroa sand