Jordan Makareta Taka-Smith, Social Media and Marketing Manager

Whakatohea, Upokorehe, Tainui
What brought me here?
After moving from Kirikiriroa to have my daughter Luna on my home motu of Waiheke, I found myself at a loss to find the balance of work and new Mum life. I was in a very fortunate position where Timmy (my giver of life) offered me to come onboard with her. This is never something I would have imagined for myself as I’ve dodged working with Mum for a while (guilty daughter). However I feel like I’ve found my home again since working side by side with the woman who gave me life. In a sense you could say that it was my daughter Luna who drew me back and made me become a part of the TIMMY SMITH team.
What do I want to get from my time?
At the present moment, I’d like to get a creative outlet from my time at TIMMY SMITH. Being able to create beautiful posts for our social media and having the ability to communicate with our amazing customers and followers is very fulfilling. I hope that my time with TIMMY SMITH helps me to slow down and view the world with more of an open mind. We all have a different voice and I hope that I’ll be able to amplify the ones that I cross paths with on this journey.
What is my favourite item from TIMMY SMITH?
Tea: Spearmint and Oolong Sparkling Tea… Confession time; I’m the daughter of an amazing tea blender but hot tea just isn’t for me 
Jewellery: I’ve always found Mums jewellery “different” ever since I was a kid but with age has come my appreciation of how much she puts into each piece. Not just the physical aesthetic but the individual meaning she gives each and everyone of her pieces. “Nugget” is my necklace that I’ve worn every day since the birth of my daughter. Its meaning is “Our little nugget has enlightened our lives” which is dedicated to her, maybe a biased choice but the simplicity and slight weight to it will always ground me.
General ware: 
Without a doubt, Thea Ceramics tumblers are my all time favourite! Anything that the phenomenal Esther creates is nothing but perfection. Her Ma collection is the perfect addition to anyone's hot drink (coffee for me obviously) ritual.
What is my role at TIMMY SMITH? 
Daughter, Social Media and Marketing Manager, pun enthusiast and emergency Front of House fill in.