Nerys Davidson - Front of House Extraordinaire

What has drawn you to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whanau?

My wairua was drained and this is what led me to TIMMY SMITH.  Timmy, the TIMMY SMITH whanau and the space has nourished my wairua; my soul is healed and both the TIMMY SMITH space and it’s people are leading me on a new, exciting path, one filled with aroha ki te rangimarie (love and peace).  

This wairua also fills The Space; the exquisite, simply stunning jewellery shines, Timmy’s creations finding meaning with customers, building beautiful connections and memories.  A workplace like no other!

As a coffee fiend, I have also found intrigue in the power of tea; the cultural and holistic aspects surrounding tea and the gorgeous ingredients that go into each blend, tea now becoming a part of my daily ritual!

What would you like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

To form meaningful connections with TIMMY SMITH customers and support their wairua by making their visit into The Space special; to convey how Timmy came to create her jewellery, the meanings behind each piece and to entice and entertain peoples senses with our tea blends, sparkling teas and teawares. I wish also to explore my own artistic interests, gain knowledge in jewellery design and to deepen my knowledge of all things tea!

Favourite tea?

Well, if it’s a mid-afternoon tea it’s the Beau-tea to keep me shining ‘from the inside out’ and come evening, it’s a Calm-i tea to assist with a peaceful slumber.  I now understand the importance of tea ceremonies and appreciate their ability to get people to pause and enjoy the hospitality of a host or to take a quiet moment in the busyness of a day.

Favourite Jewellery?

The Hopua earrings - ‘Puddles in the sand’ - drew me to them and I had an instant special memory of myself sitting peacefully at the sublime Enclosure Bay, watching my feet disappear into cool, collapsing sand.  I adore them and as happens with Timmy’s jewellery, I found a special connection with a piece before I even knew why!

Favourite elements of the space?

The serene nature of The space opens up to the incredible view out over Oneroa, to the Coromandel beyond - what an office!  The energy is both calm, yet exciting; the wares within alluring, drawing people in to connect with their beauty and benefits.  The Space is of course nothing without it’s customers, and I do so enjoy the interactions and encounters both with folk from all around the world, as well as our lovely locals.