Sophie Lewis, Graphic and Illustration Creator

Waiheke Island born and breed to take on the world.  
1. What brought you to TIMMY SMITH? 
I became a part of the TIMMY SMITH team in the year 2019. During a
spontaneous ferry ride with Timmy, and her daughter Ella. We connected
through a heartfelt and honest conversation, resulting in Timmy
offering me a job at TIMMY SMITH Space. I was thrilled. It has been
almost 2 years and I feel very fortunate and grateful to be a part of
the beautiful whānau.

2. What do I want to get from my time?
Timmy Smith is a giving, nurturing, and generous woman, in the sense
that she has offered me a safe environment for me to find my practice
as an emerging graphic designer. In her presence and support, I push
myself, learn new skills, and find my voice as a designer. In my time
at TIMMY SMITH, I hope to share my voice, my skills, and my designs
with clients and the team, and to build up my own business; Meraki
Design Studio.

3. Favourite Tea?
My favourite tea has got to be the Hibiscus & Ginger Sparkling tea, it
is sooooo refreshing and reminds me of summer!

4. Favourite Jewellery?
My favourite jewellery, the pieces I feel most drawn to are the pieces
that emulate the sensory feelings of the beach. The sand pieces
particularly the Iti Kirikiri Necklace, with the Onetangi beach sand
resonates with me as I am a born and bred Waihekian. Onetangi Beach
was the first beach I went to as a newborn and I have emotional ties
to it. The Iti Kirikiri range captures the essence of the special place
and holds this memory in ways that you can hold it close to your

5. What are your favourite elements of the space?
When I am working away in the TIMMY SMITH Space, a tranquil place by
the sea, I feel at ease and calm. There is a stillness and a place
where the time goes by without recognition. I appreciate the sea
views, as the ocean is my happy place.