Waimarie Smith, Front of house & Health and Safety Officer.

Ngati Pikiao

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whanau?

 I came to be a part of The TIMMY SMITH whanau through a bomb being dropped by Timmy herself. On me. You see I met Timmy around 13 years ago not long after we arrived on Waiheke Island. We had an instant connection through common experiences, adult tutoring and our children attended school together.  I began working at our local Medical Centre and we lost touch for a while, occasionally catching up. When Timmy rebranded her jewellery line under her own name, I felt immensely proud of her. She has faced and overcome so much to get to this point and her success represents so much more than any financial gain.  

One day in 2019, out of the blue, Timmy asks me to drop in so she could ‘run something by me’. Turns out she asked if I would come and work WITH her in her beautiful Space. Bomb drop, jaw drop..! This was totally unexpected and I must say very humbling. So after almost a decade of serving our community at the Medical Centre, I decided I was ready for a change. I’ve been blessed, from working with one great whanau and now to another. Still serving our manuhiri and community but in a different realm, that is truly an honour. 

What would I like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

Timmy encourages growth in all aspects of oneself and allows the space for it.  I’m utilizing this to help springboard my own visions and goals and I endeavor to serve Timmy's while on her waka. 

Favourite tea?

Hands down, Organic Breakfast, Calm-i-Tea and Complex-i-Tea. Can I choose 3? Oh Sparkling Tea favourites, Spearmint/Oolong wins just ahead of Hibiscus/Ginger for me. I think. Hmmm... may as well say they’re both even Stevens. No offence Steven. 

Favourite Jewellery?

There are so many gorgeous and meaningful pieces in our TIMMY SMITH ranges! Currently my favourite earrings at the moment are Te Waka - ‘a reminder that it is your mind that drives your journey forward’. 

Favourite elements of the space?

I particularly love the spiritual elements of The Space. She (The Space) is so connected to Ranginui, Papatuanuku and Tangaroa. Most people feel it when they allow themselves. I’ve witnessed many magical moments during my time here.  A special Space that we invite people to come and share, pause a moment or for a while.