Small Leather Cuff


All of our leather work is handcrafted and stitched right here on Waiheke Island 

Using only the best materials, our French leathersmith Camille Taupin is a master of her craft.

Our Nude leather is Vegetable leather, therefore the colour will transition over time –  Keep out of sunlight to slow down colour transition.

The sand in the images are:

Large Cuff with sand : Olive leather with Piha Beach sand

Small Cuff with sand: Olive Leather with Palm Beach sand ( Waiheke Island )

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Product Details

Small Leather Cuff Standard Measurements:
Width 12mm, Length 200mm

Sand Strip Measurements:
Width: 2.5mm, Length: 100mm

If you would like to have a Leather Cuff thats made to your measurements or have a leather cuff made with your own sand from your favourite coastline made, please select 'Bespoke' and note down the details in the payment menu.


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