Rejuvenate Necklace


Out of decay comes new growth ..

Just as leaves decompose and give rise to new nutrients, so can the breakdown of old habits and ways, give rise to new energy and fulfilment


80cm chain or 90cm chain ?

Choose 70cm length, tick yes in “Extra Chain” and let us know in the notes section of your checkout page.
– These longer chains are $20 extra –

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  1. Rose Prendeville

    There is something really special about my ‘rejeuvenate’ pendant. Maybe the circumstances of purchase (time away with a group of special friends early last year), maybe hearing the story behind the design from the jeweller – but every time I wear this pendant (which is often), it brings me a wonderful feeling of connectedness and continuity. The piece is incredibly tactile and immediately picks up body warmth, it is stunningly beautiful and is often commented on by others. This is definitely one of my treasures,

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