A little about me:

I have traveled an eclectic working life from park ranger to youth worker, waitress to wedding coordinator, tutor to mum – always engaging in positions of service. 

The Hauraki Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand has always been my playground –I love to observe how nature and its surrounds interact with each other yet keep their own form and function. 

These are aspects I consistently use within my work and life – Nature is the best tutor.

I am a self taught creator, I love the ability of jewellery to hold memory; 

I am constantly amazed at how something so small and subtle can contain such a wealth of treasures and work as a touchstone for a precious person, place or occasion. 

Each piece I create becomes an outward expression of an inner holding, a way to honour those who have given standing and presence to those it adorns.

If you like to connect and allow me to create a piece for you simply send me and email at: hellotimmysmith@gmail.com