Te toto o te tangata, he kai; te oranga o te tangata, he whenua

Te toto o te tangata, he kai; te oranga o te tangata, he whenua

"While food provides the blood in our veins, our health is drawn from the land"

I have always known and felt the mauri of our whenua and have lived, and connected within the veneer that holds tūrangawaewae between the sea and our lands.

Our coastlines are my haven and are stepping stones - pathways to ourselves and our history.

And it is through the use of sand and teas that I feel my calling come to life.

Understanding that the intricate tools of tea for connection, and creation of intimate times of reflection is why they hold center stage within my space and offerings. 

They assist us to remove our rush, and connect in ways that very few foods can. 

It is kai for the soul as well as a soother for our systems.

And a wonderful way to share unspoken words and wisdom.


Timmy’s creations are tools to connect us to ourselves but more importantly to the land, our people, and ones purpose.

She stands firmly in her beliefs and offers ways for individuals and groups to connect to their own.

She offers you the opportunity to travel your history and create taonga whakarākei (jewellery) and standing.


“When we connect we care

When we care we respect

When we respect we honour

When we honour we protect”


Timmy Smith - Whakatohea / Upokorehe



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Popped into your beautiful shop on Friday. I bought the gorgeous malleable tea strainer & my dear friend bought a Punamou for her son. I fell in love with the sand earrings and also the delicate pastel coloured sea thingos. Am dying to remember what they are called and bought a T-shirt from Toi with the same thing on it. Was wondering if you could tell me what the thing is to which I refer!? I came to the website to order some what I’d call mini vases, but seems only tea & jewellery. Look forward to hearing from you! Debra

Debra Ulbrich

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