Timmy Smith - Founder and Creator of TIMMY SMITH

Whakatohea, Upokorehe
Why did you create TIMMY SMITH?
Big question but for now I will give a short answer (blog to come)
I wanted to create a space to allow people to connect to people, places and purposes they love and honour. 
 TIMMY SMITH is a way of honouring my past, and assisting those who enter to feel connected and comfortable.
What do I want my team to gain from their time at TIMMY SMITH?
I would love my team to gain an understanding of how important they are to TIMMY SMITH and to themselves/their whānau.
For them to fully use the TIMMY SMITH waka to enable them to journey to places they wish to go; to use it as a platform to develop skills, connect to wairua and provide awhi for each other and our kaupapa. 
"E tu kaihikatea, hei wakapae uroroa, awhi mai, awhi atu, tatou tatou e"
Kaihikatea stand together; their roots intertwine, strengthening each other. 
We all help one another and together we will be strong.
Favourite piece to create?
I love playing with kirikiri (sand) so for me any of my pieces that I get to play with any of these tiny artifacts.
Though my favourite pieces to create are commissioned lockets where people bring me their items to contain within the glass surrounds.
Being entrusted with people's stories and treasures is truly humbling and something I will always treasure.
Favourite tea?
Ohh this is a tough one but I think Calm-i-tea is the one I am most proud of as its properties calm the mind and the body. 
Though Spice-i-tea has me for its flavours at the moment.
An aspect of The Space that I'm drawn to the most?
 I see Thomas Biren in every aspect of our space - He was/is a beautiful soul from Belgium who along with Ross (hubby) gave his time, aroha and expertise to build both this space and the space I had before this one.
They grasped my designs and allowed my dream to be shaped into perfection.
Thomas's involvement reminds me to honour the simple things, a smile, a giving and whānau 
He also reminds me how fragile life is. Forever grateful to have had you as part of our whānau Thomas. Kia ora for always watching over us.
Favourite general wear?
I love sourcing pieces so my favourite is always a new find.

Jordan Makareta Taka-Smith - Social Media and Marketing Manager

Tainui, Whakatohea, Upokorehe

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

After moving from Kirikiriroa to have my daughter Luna on my home motu of Waiheke, I found myself at a loss to find the balance of work and new Mum life. I was in a very fortunate position where Timmy (my giver of life) offered me to come onboard with her. This is never something I would have imagined for myself as I’ve dodged working with Mum for a while (guilty daughter). However I feel like I’ve found my home again since working side by side with the woman who gave me life. In a sense you could say that it was my daughter Luna who drew me back and made me become a part of the TIMMY SMITH team.

What do I want to get from my time?

At the present moment, I’d like to get a creative outlet from my time at TIMMY SMITH. Being able to create beautiful posts for our social media and having the ability to communicate with our amazing customers and followers is very fulfilling. I hope that my time with TIMMY SMITH helps me to slow down and view the world with more of an open mind. We all have a different voice and I hope that I’ll be able to amplify the ones that I cross paths with on this journey.

What is my favourite item from TIMMY SMITH?


Spearmint and Oolong Sparkling Tea… Confession time; I’m the daughter of an amazing tea blender but hot tea just isn’t for me 


 I’ve always found Mums jewellery “different” ever since I was a kid but with age has come my appreciation of how much she puts into each piece. Not just the physical aesthetic but the individual meaning she gives each and everyone of her pieces. “Nugget” is my necklace that I’ve worn every day since the birth of my daughter. Its meaning is “Our little nugget has enlightened our lives” which is dedicated to her, maybe a biased choice but the simplicity and slight weight to it will always ground me.

General ware?

Without a doubt, Thea Ceramics tumblers are my all time favourite! Anything that the phenomenal Esther creates is nothing but perfection. Her Ma collection is the perfect addition to anyone's hot drink (coffee for me obviously) ritual.

What is my role at TIMMY SMITH? 

Daughter, Social Media and Marketing Manager, pun enthusiast and emergency Front of House fill in.

Gracie Bond Barker-Smith - Front of House & Colour by Gracie owner

The connector of the head and heart of TIMMY SMITH
Whakatohea, Upokorehe

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

Timmy is my mum... but I also like working  because I like serving people and telling them about the space.

What would I like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

I want to gain retail experience and I like having a connection with customers and getting to know different people. 

Favourite tea?

Hibiscus & Ginger for the sparkling and the Calm-i-tea. I like most of the teas. 

Favourite Jewellery?

The Pounamu because within every pounamu there is a story.

Favourite elements of the space?

The view, and I like the simplicity of the layout of the space, you just feel calm when you walk in.

 Ross Bryan Barker - Head Brewer & Interior Creator

The heart that holds TIMMY SMITH together

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

I have always been part of the whānau and have always supported Timmy in everything that she has done over the years.

What would you like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

To help grow TIMMY SMITH in all areas.

What (if any) are your favorite teas?

Lemon Myrtle.

Pieces of jewellery?

All of it.

Elements of the space?

Love it all as Timmy designed the entire Space. Thomas & I built it so it has been a team effort.


Waimarie Smith - Front of House and Health & Safety Officer

Ngāti Pikiao

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

 I came to be a part of The TIMMY SMITH whānau through a bomb being dropped by Timmy herself. On me. You see I met Timmy around 13 years ago not long after we arrived on Waiheke Island. We had an instant connection through common experiences, adult tutoring and our children attended school together.  I began working at our local Medical Centre and we lost touch for a while, occasionally catching up. When Timmy rebranded her jewellery line under her own name, I felt immensely proud of her. She has faced and overcome so much to get to this point and her success represents so much more than any financial gain.  

One day in 2019, out of the blue, Timmy asks me to drop in so she could ‘run something by me’. Turns out she asked if I would come and work WITH her in her beautiful Space. Bomb drop, jaw drop..! This was totally unexpected and I must say very humbling. So after almost a decade of serving our community at the Medical Centre, I decided I was ready for a change. I’ve been blessed, from working with one great whānau and now to another. Still serving our manuhiri and community but in a different realm, that is truly an honour.

What would I like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

Timmy encourages growth in all aspects of oneself and allows the space for it.  I’m utilizing this to help springboard my own visions and goals and I endeavor to serve Timmy's while on her waka. 

Favourite tea?

Hands down, Organic Breakfast, Calm-i-Tea and Complex-i-Tea. Can I choose 3? Oh Sparkling Tea favourites, Spearmint/Oolong wins just ahead of Hibiscus/Ginger for me. I think. Hmmm... may as well say they’re both even Stevens. No offence Steven. 

Favourite Jewellery?

There are so many gorgeous and meaningful pieces in our TIMMY SMITH ranges! Currently my favourite earrings at the moment are Te Waka - ‘a reminder that it is your mind that drives your journey forward’. 

Favourite elements of the space?

I particularly love the spiritual elements of The Space. She (The Space) is so connected to Ranginui, Papatuanuku and Tangaroa. Most people feel it when they allow themselves. I’ve witnessed many magical moments during my time here.  A special Space that we invite people to come and share, pause a moment or for a while. 


James (Jamie) Douglas Reid - Front of House and Online Orders

Of clans Douglas and Robertson

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

It felt very natural to become part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau. I am on my year out and I am making a point of saying yes to opportunities as they come along. I have always loved Timmy's jewellery and have been intrigued as to how her creative process works. I admire how she is living her creative life and showing us what can be done.

What do I want to get from my time here?

I am not entirely sure what it is I want to gain from my time with this whānau. Just to be around a whānau who are so welcoming and supportive seems to be reward enough. I really want to further my own creative side, so hopefully some of Timmy's passion will rub off on me.

Favourite tea?

I am a chai drinker, so it is definitely the Spice-i-Tea. I love the cardamom flavour especially and like to make it strong and sweetened with condensed milk.


I have always loved the sand jewellery and the whole concept of carrying somewhere special to you around with you. In particular, I like the Horizon range. I also love the simplicity of the View of the World and the new Tuaoma earrings.

Elements of the space?

It is hard to go past the view out the back window. It really is quite incredible to walk into the space every day and take in this vast and majestic vista!


Andrea Joy Benwell - Front of House

Our proud Australian wahine

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

Ever since moving to Waiheke Island I have been a huge admirer and proud owner of TIMMY SMITH jewellery. I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Timmy Smith on a personal level first at a mutual friend's wedding and later on as a parent as I taught her daughter. I truly believe Timmy has a magical energy, she is beyond kind, caring, talented, generous and unconditionally loving to all. I am drawn to the TIMMY SMITH whānau because of her wairua, her vision, I believe wholeheartedly in her work.

What would I like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?

I am already gaining such inner peace and happiness in being part of connecting people to memories and moments + working alongside such a talented and loving team. The conversations with staff/ customers enhance my mindfulness and I feel an inner growth and shine...I shine in her space.

Favourite teas?

Licorice loose leaf tea Chamomile and Lavender Pause for Tea

Favourite Jewellery?

Rejuvenate ring View of the World earrings (Large, gold) Pounamu Te Harakeke O Manu Earrings Journey Necklace

Favourite elements of the space?

The view The energy Layout The people The warmth.


Sophie Lewis - Graphic and Illustrations creator 

Waiheke Island born and raised to take on the world

What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?

I became a part of the TIMMY SMITH team in the year 2019. During a spontaneous ferry ride with Timmy, and her daughter Ella. We connected through a heartfelt and honest conversation, resulting in Timmy offering me a job at TIMMY SMITH Space. I was thrilled. It has been almost 2 years and I feel very fortunate and grateful to be a part of the beautiful whānau.

What do I want to get from my time?

Timmy Smith is a giving, nurturing, and generous woman, in the sense that she has offered me a safe environment for me to find my practice as an emerging graphic designer. In her presence and support, I push myself, learn new skills, and find my voice as a designer. In my time at TIMMY SMITH, I hope to share my voice, my skills, and my designs with clients and the team, and to build up my own business; Meraki Design Studio.

Favourite Tea?

My favourite tea has got to be the Hibiscus & Ginger Sparkling tea, it is sooooo refreshing and reminds me of summer!

Favourite Jewellery?

My favourite jewellery, the pieces I feel most drawn to are the pieces that emulate the sensory feelings of the beach. The sand pieces particularly the Iti Kirikiri Necklace, with the Onetangi beach sand resonates with me as I am a born and bred Waihekian. Onetangi Beach was the first beach I went to as a newborn and I have emotional ties to it. The Iti Kirikiri range captures the essence of the special place and holds this memory in ways that you can hold it close to your heart.

What are your favourite elements of the space?

When I am working away in the TIMMY SMITH Space, a tranquil place by the sea, I feel at ease and calm. There is a stillness and a place where the time goes by without recognition. I appreciate the sea views, as the ocean is my happy place.