Tea Blending Experience Waiheke Island


Nau mai, haere mai to a learning experience like no other. Gifting you Te mātau ā-wheako o Tī (the lived experience of Tea), from Waiheke Island.

We will assist you to gain a deeper understanding about tī ( tea) and tī otaota (herbal tea) while gifting you an experience that will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and warmed with manaakitanga (hospitality).
  1. Start by learning about different teas and blending herbs, and how best to enjoy them and their benefits. 
  1. Ever wondered what tea tastes like before it is brewed? We will walk you through trying a number of our organic herbs and teas in their raw form. A wonderful way to assist you to identify different flavours and aromas.
  1. Blending time! 
    Our tea enthusiasts will guide you through creating your own tea blend 
    You will tap into your inner knowing of what your body and mind would enjoy.
     Lastly we name and pack your unique blend
    and bundle up with a few extra goodies for you to take home and enjoy
     with loved ones or in solitude.


Would like to share your experience with whanau and friends? 

You can book an experience for groups of 2-6 people.
Select a time above or feel free to email us to talk through options.

Tea to you Policy - (Cancellation policy)

We understand two things,1. That life doesn't always run smoothly and 2. That tea can assist with most things. This is why we offer our Tea to you Policy.

If you can't make your booking, in lieu of refunds, we send you a tea pack of the same value to each of your group.

It is our way of ensuring you receive the comfort and care of tea while allowing us to still share the TIMMY SMITH experience with you.