Celebrating a Year of claiming my Time

Celebrating a Year of claiming my Time

As we close the chapter of 2023, I have carved out space to reflect on the incredible journey that this calendar year has gifted me. 

This year has been a testament to the importance of placing intention. 

At the end of 2022, I said the coming year would be based around a tohu (a sign) I received seemly out of the blue.

Forever one to play with words as others may play with play dough or clay, I remould, re-couple letters to accentuate and educate about what is already there.

It was by doing so in a very unexpected place that I was able to see the most incredible tohu regarding my own name: The word “Time” is a holder of my own name.

Tim-e …… Timmy ….. My Time

This completely blew my mind. 

It also allowed me to fully understand that tūpuna will utilise all that is around us to present the messages needed.

My hinengaro (mind) couldn’t fully believe this connection of Time to my person but my pumanawa (stomach) and racing heart did.

And by writing the simple mantra of “MyTime 2023” the most extraordinary year has unfolded.

I laid down an intention that it was My Time to connect with other wāhine who either are on the same path or have an openness to be. 

It was My Time to connect to myself.

Through doing so I have met and engaged with the most incredible souls and have swam in what feels like he moana mauri wāhine (an ocean of female centred mauri) 

What unfolded has been 12 months that has enabled true growth and personal empowerment and a gentle emerging from the grips of grief.

It has enabled the broading of the realm of helping people to understand our kaupapa of connection, and the realisation that all our products/offerings are in fact crafted from whenua.

It has not only pushed my own boundaries but has enabled me to have the kaha (strength) needed to champion the reindigenising of our everyday.

An extra special thank you needs to go to the holding of Oyster Workshop, Ness Burns and Dr Jessica Hutchings

Through your mānaaki and collectivisation of people, my year has been one of elevated conversations, connections and new currencies 

This year I have crossed borders and taken our products and approach to places and people I could have previously only dreamed of reaching.

Throughout every aspect of my work, we have carefully amplified the positioning of how indigenous concepts are important for the transformational changes needed to ensure survival of our planet and general humanity.

In doing so, there has been a gentle educating of minds and methods and a fostering of a deeper sense of cultural appreciation and understanding.

Have I won awards - no.

Have I become a household name - no.

Have I reached the level of wealth that we need as a whānau - not yet.

Have I gently imprinted on those I have encountered in profound and lasting ways - yes I feel I may have.

And for this I am truly grateful.

To everyone who has supported our mahi this year, through your purchases, your engagement, your understanding and your care I extend our heartfelt gratitude. 

We wouldn't have been able to do what we have done without your support. 

So thank you 2023 and I now look forward to placing more Tim-e into 2024.

Noho ora mai,

Timmy Smith

“Kua kitea te aroaro whenua…”

I understand now - an idiom used to show that what was once unclear is now all clear and understood.

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