Changing of the Guard

We have a "changing of the guard" -
a shift within our framework.
My waka has always been a vessel for those who wish to grow and develop and find their true standing and grace. It is a place to look within and allow the inner workings to turn and become outer shells.
Through this we have seen many a face and held many a heart.
Somethings the path has been obvious - at other times hidden, but always our people find their feet and allow motion to carry them to where they are supposed to be.
My social media and marketing are pivotal parts of my business. You see those who hold my social media need to have an in-depth understanding of my why, and who better than the people I create for.  
They are ones who are the reason for my mahi, who are the benefactors of any prosperity that may come.
This week we release the bowline of my daughter Ella as she has headed off to her own coastline and venture. 
The mahi she has done for TIMMY SMITH has meant that you have all been given an inner perspective into my pieces and a sense of what I have carved out and presented. 
She is the reason the jewellery was started and now she is ready to leave the nest to fly and experience her own lands and landings.
I can not be prouder and wish my middle born the best of the new worlds she is exploring, and hope that the skills and experiences she has gained here will enable countless experiences on different platforms and holdings to occur. We hope that holiday breaks may see her pop back into the space from time to time
The mantle has been handed on to the capabilities and charism of my firstborn. Jordan has her own spin and perspective on life and I know that her energy, insight and creativity will shine through.
Jordans approach will differ from Ella’s yet I know the wairua of TIMMY SMITH is just as safe and at home within her hands and abilities. 
She also holds my hand and my heart and together I know you will be exposed to more of what it is I offer and form. Jordan has a strength and outlook that I know you will all enjoy and benefit from.
She also brings with her the energy and sparkle of her daughter Luna and partner Dui who will be featured as star models in many a post to come.
So kia ora Ella and Jordan for what you give to me both as daughters and work companions - I am truly blessed to have such incredible young women in my world. Shine on beautiful ones shine on.