Introducing... Imperfections of the Heart

This piece was not an easy one to release…
Here are the writings that occurred in preparations of its form
As a Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandma, Friend, Colleague, I am constantly reminded of how imperfect my love is
 of the many ways that I fail or am placed off guard by the impacts of issues that I never saw coming 
My heart has been battered by words, 
unexpected occurrences, 
violence of the world, and of people
by the injustices that we see, 
and unwarranted feelings that arise on a daily basis. 
These all take their toll on the most important organ and function we hold 
 it affects the way we beat, the way we pump passion and radiate joy and humour.
I sometimes allow myself the space to think of the wounds that have been inflicted and run my mind’s eye over the scar tissue and hardened and vulnerable areas of my once smooth and perfect heart.  
As I do this health check I realise that the valves and vessels within, are stronger and more robust because of my imperfections and the areas that are still soft are the ones that the scaffold of scars will protect. 
But it is this ill-formed battered entity that I love the most 
 it shows me that I have lived and have not succumbed to the impacts of loss, love, and humility. 
It shows me that love can never be lost - that the effects of what I have felt remain
 It still allows love to radiate and be received.
See that is the function of the heart to receive, make better, and release back into the flow. 
It is constantly pumping, moving, making, it is mixing, molds, and manages the in and outflows.
So today I will give thanks for my misshapen heart and hope that its beauty resonates with you all as well.
Timmy x