A time to come together, to spend time with whānau, friends and thoughts. A time to reflect, refresh, and restore ourselves and others. 

Even in this fast paced world we can all make time to share a kaputī.

Tī - a beautiful combination of the offerings of Tupuārangi the star associated with food that comes from the sky, such as elevated fruit and leaves from trees and Tupuānuku the star associated with food below ground, while Waitī the star that connects us to the importance of life and rituals associated with water is the binder for this experience.

Tī is also my go to when I sit in the power of Pōhutukawa and think of those who gave so much to my life who are no longer here but who I now feel, as a brush of wind on my cheek or a call from the tohu of manu against my heart.

It is what I breathe in to warm my senses when I turn to Hiwa i te rangi to send up my aspirations and hopes for the year to come.

I thank Waipuna-a-Rangi for the rain that fuels my mara, cleanses my tinana, and fills my water tanks so further harvests can occur.

When I sit out in the elements rugged in blankets and hands cupped around a hot brew it is Ururangi who I am grateful for. He is responsible for blowing my thoughts and holdings away so to make room from new seasons and securities.

And Waitā who acknowledges the vastness of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa and the bounty she provides. I will forever be grateful for this shining reminder that what we think separates us is in fact what brings us together.

And lastly Matariki - our centre - the mother of this cluster - she will forever bring with her visions of my own mum. Radiant, resilient and rare.

So make the time dear friend. 
Put the kettle on, pull out your selection of gifts of whenua and whetū (land and stars) and settle down to share and connect with your whānau and friends. 

Mānawatia a Matariki 

Timmy x.

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