Splintered past with seeds for a brighter future.

Splintered past with seeds for a brighter future.

With 19 years of work under my belt now I thought you may like to hear a story or two about some of the pieces I have created over the years

Today I will share a piece I found while scrolling through old photos. 

This locket was part of a series of 14 that I did for the fundraiser Save Matiatia 2014 held by Sally Smith at Toi Gallery when her space occupied from road frontage to Seaview…

The event was part of a protest, to stop the proposed marina for Matiatia. 

A way to try to enable people to visually recognise the cause, and come together to show support, raise awareness and funds.

Finding this photo highlights for me the importance of connecting to our history and making sure that what we do holds the depth of years prior so we can be cemented in our standing and grounded in our knowledge.

The sad thing is we have been campaigning, fundraising, and highlighting the non-need for this marina since forever - They moved the location but the effects are the same.

My world has not allowed for time to be spent at the frontline this time round, nor even offer vocal support till now. But my heart and feet have always been firmly planted in the stance of nature’s needs over all others on this matter.

This project sits squarely in the realm of want, and not need.

The destruction of an area for the gain of a select few, stinks of a decaying era and even though the mauri that surrounds this bay is clean and true, I hope the stains of this fight can be removed and victory can be held for our moana. 

The people who stand in line, and in view, have depth, and detail, strength, and structure. They hold what is right and what is true.

So I hope the wind shifts reach our shores before it is too late for the little ones who call out into the night and who’s auto pilots guide them back to their burrows after navigated the need to feed.

Tonight I will sit with towel on head, body in bed, and dream of the win that the winds speak of.

May tomorrow bring new light and new shoots for us all. #savekenndypoint


“Splintered past with seeds for a brighter future.”

Created 2014 from a splinter of the old Matiatia wharf and flora from the overlooking cliff.

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