Te ara o tukutuku pūngawerewere - The pathway of the spider

Te ara o tukutuku pūngawerewere - The pathway of the spider

Walking in the ngahere (bush) always proves food for thought and clarity. 

Today, it was a simple and unseen act of walking into a spiderweb that triggered the following reminder-  that what we face, for others and for ourselves, sometimes we do not see.

You see, a spiderweb is one of the strongest elements known to our planet. If we up-scaled it, it surpasses any coiling of steel.

These invisible lines also represent the complexity and intricate construction of nature that create greatness beyond our comprehension.

Yet, as it wrapped its invisible layers around my face, it was a messaging of the unseen and not its strength that was brought to my attention.

As I tried to brush it off and remove it from my body, I became very aware that if others were viewing what I was doing, the brushing and flicking would make no sense.

These invisible touch points made me feel a sinking feeling in my pumanawa (stomach); that by not being fully aware of my surroundings I had destroyed intricate workings and a means to provide, house and feed another creature.

It was a two part messaging for me.

Firstly, be aware of the other elements around you and be mindful of the effects your steps make.

Secondly, it also reiterated how easy it is to dismantle intricate workings of learnt and experienced ways by charging ahead without thought to the weave that has already been.

We need to acknowledge the intricacy and complexity of what we are within at this moment.

Acknowledge the delicate threads all around us - threads of strength, interwoven fibres of resistance, the ancient fibre of mana, mauri and manaaki.

Especially when others create narratives and nastiness that are trying to destroy the fibre of what makes our country so unique and rich - our Māoritanga.

So people, be mindful of the weave that makes us so strong and incredible - it is the unseen ancient fibres that make our country unique and beautiful and will enable us to capture bounty in the years to come.

Value what has always been. See the beauty and strength of our land, our people and know that we all need to be mindful of this path ahead.


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