The Haven of Tī (tea)

The Haven of Tī (tea)

The Haven of Tī (tea)

We all search for that special place to reside and be ourselves... For me, I find this comfort within the simplicity of a cup of tī.


Timmy x

Tī is the building blocks of a home. 

A haven.

It creates a place you to come and be. 

To lay out your mamae (hurt, injury),

sit with family, friends, whānau,

or be in thought with ancestors and occurrences.

A place to create,


absorb stories

and to pursue understanding.

It is a tool to call forth those you remember,

to gain a handle on regrets,

and an insight for why we recall and wish for reunions.

It is your place to hold standing.

Tea is the ultimate tool for talking.

It grounds us, holds us in stillness that enables flow to occur. 

It breathes its own breath

and gives forth the essence of life it has come from.

It is a connection back to whenua and all that we are. 

It holds a history, a place, 

that all who have been before you 

have held. 

It is our haven, our home.

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