The Teachings of Taonga, from land and sea

Whenever I go walking varied treasures end up being cradled within my small hands or large pockets.

Its become an unconscious act, one that sees me sitting at the end of a distance traveled with eyes and hands exploring tokens that have made their way home.
Each item I hold I attempt to unravel the story and depth behind them.
Were they coverings for creatures, or sun filters for trees? Were they here 100,000 years ago or formed within the passing season?
Have they touched the lives of others or been concealed till this chance encounter occurred?
When we ask these questions of our small findings it makes us realise just how enormous and far spreading the smallest of artifacts from our surrounds can be.
They are touch points to our history, spectators to the worlds we have created and litter of legacies upheld or eroded.
When we take time to pause and study the small, we enter spaces of expanse that the large can not reveal.
It is this taking time to be tactile and taught that enables us to connect and combine our wandering thoughts with solid yet compelling questions.
It is through small acts like these that we will strengthen our bonds with nature and move from being merely walkers of miles to protectors of planet.
So within your next circumference of your neighbour collect an item or two and give yourself the opportunity to explore big while holding small. 
The teachings, I guarantee, will be grand.
Timmy x
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