Welcome to 2022

Welcome to 2022

Within this last week I feel we have had a Christmas that crept up on us and came and went with such speed.

Now this New Year feels it has done the same.

For us here at TIMMY SMITH we have always held the Turning of a Calendar year as a time to continue serving, and enabling you to discover the delights of our tranquil space and setting.

It is our time of doing and any real changes are held till our true planning and reflection time of Matariki.

The one thing we do look at in ernest is the importance of letting go of things that did not serve - creating them into paving stones that line our past instead of being extra weight to carry.

So this year we invite you to do the same.

Find a few things that don't serve the way you wish to live.

Package them up and allow them to fall by your feet, ready to be planted as placements of effort no longer needed.

It will give you room for new habits, ways, methods and things, and will allow you to feel a little lighter and more in control.

The full de-clutter occurs over Matariki but for now this enables us to feel we have created a little room within our busy schedule to be a little more present and offer the best service we can.

So welcome 2022, to all who have made it through and those who aren't with us but that we carry with us everyday.

We look forward to getting to know what you hold.

Keep safe, stay well.

Ngā mihi nui,

Timmy and Team 

"He iti te mokoroa nāna te kahikatea i kakati"

Even the small can make an impact on the big

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