What Protect Putiki is teaching us...

What Protect Putiki is teaching us...
Fore note: 
For those of you who are already aware of what is happening 
in Pūtiki Bay, Waiheke 
I hope this will resonate. 
For those who have not been following 
please head make yourself aware. 
What Protect Putiki is teaching us...
What is deemed legal is not always right... 
What is, and always has been right,
 is Te ao Maori 
The laws of indigenous peoples - tangata whenua are effective in the rising and restoring natural balance of our lands, of our seas, and of our wairua.
In every country where indigenous peoples and practices have been blanketed by a coating of greed and cruelty - it has become apparent that it is only through reinstating initial ways that the changes that are needed, can, and will, occur.
The blanket of colonialism is being pushed, pulled, repositioned to enable the truth to be revealed, which in turn, is enabling growth, conviction, and blinding clarity of the damage that has been done.
The old ways are breaking through, rising, merging, mending broken ties to whenua, moana, atua and each other.
Enabling the essence and effects of manaakitanga to heal and bind. 
The kaitiaki who are standing strong are showing Maori have knowledge of how to make effective change - we have been here before
Our tipuna went through it, adapted and learned.
Change has been done before and it can happen again.
Our history is littered with examples of laws and standings that were made to serve the outlook of the people wanting to gain through disempowerment and finances. 
And they were overturned because the Essence of serving people, place, and purpose were allowed to come through and create correct balance.
Slavery, Anti-gay, Womens as property, even new Colonisation, can no longer occur under law, why because we know it to be wrong.
Once we know we can not unknow…. 
Protect Pūtiki are showing us that it is the process of  letting go of ego and allowing wairua to come to the fore that enables true change to occur. It is when our spirit is present on mass that real Mahi occurs our minds alone can’t accomplish change we alone can not accomplish change.
United is our how.
United as a people and as a community 
United in approach and conviction.
Knowing we are our land, we are our seas, we are our skies, we are part of each other.
Knowing this connectedness stops the destruction. 
This has been the protective way - kaitiaki 
They have shown Responsibility for change is heavy 
but when we share it and spread it over ALL who need to be responsible it is featherweight and non-restrictive. 
Responsibility is the blanket we should allow to fall softly upon our hearts and spread out across to our neighbours and foe.
Protect Pūtiki has shown the need to cover all with responsibility - not just blame. It stretches the cloak over the developers, council, our government, our community as well as us as individuals. 
They have shown us that shared responsibility is the starting point for all change.
 And that Te Ao Maori is our how.
Like any tide, strength is gained when many rivers combine… 
it is the masses coming together to help 
that will enable the front to keep its presence...

What we can do to help:
Sign/Share the Petition
Sign/Share their open letter
Share their posts and stories
Support to the frontline, in person, in-kind, in koha.
Talk about what is happening to friends whanau and colleges 
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Nga mihi nui,
Timmy x
Artist:Sam Webber from Kapiti Coast