Gracie Barker-Smith, Front of House & Colour by Gracie owner

Whakatohea, Upokorehe
What has drawn me to be a part of the TIMMY SMITH whānau?
Timmy is my mum... but I also like working  because I like serving people and telling them about the space.
What would I like to get from your time at TIMMY SMITH?
I want to gain retail experience and I like having a connection with customers and getting to know different people.
Favourite tea?
Hibiscus & Ginger for the sparkling and the Calm-i-tea.  I like most of the teas.
Favourite Jewellery?
The Pounamu because within every pounamu there is a story.
Favourite elements of the space?

The view, and I like the simplicity of the layout of the space, you just feel calm when you walk in.