James (Jamie) Douglas Reid - Front of House and Online Orders

of Clan Robertson
What brought me here? 
It felt very natural to become part of the TIMMY SMITH whanau. I am on my year out and I am making a point of saying yes to opportunities as they come along. I have always loved Timmy's jewellery and have been intrigued as to how her creative process works. I admire how she is living her creative life and showing us what can be done.
What do I want to get from my time here?
I am not entirely sure what it is I want to gain from my time with this whanau. Just to be around a whanau who are so welcoming and supportive seems to be reward enough. I really want to further my own creative side, so hopefully some of Timmy's passion will rub off on me.
Favourite tea?
I am a chai drinker, so it is definitely the Spice-i-Tea. I love the cardamom flavour especially and like to make it strong and sweetened with condensed milk.
I have always loved the sand jewellery and the whole concept of carrying somewhere special to you around with you. In particular, I like the Horizon range. I also love the simplicity of the View of the World and the new Tuaoma earrings.
Elements of the space?
It is hard to go past the view out the back window. It really is quite incredible to walk into the space every day and take in this vast and majestic vista!