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Timmy Smith

Thea Ceramics mini pourer

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Hand thrown on the potter’s wheel, the mini pourer is a vessel ideal for holding milk or cream to serve with coffee and tea. The pieces are double dipped in a satin glaze, with a raw clay base.

Around 8.5cm tall. Please note that sizing is approximate as all items are hand thrown.

Pōuriuri means darkest green in te reo Māori, te moana pōuriuri - like the darkest part of the ocean. This green is true dark green.

Aumoana, means blue clay or oceanic in te reo Māori. This glaze is a stain glaze and slightly translucent to show the natural texture of the clay.

Karamea translates to "caramel" in te reo Māori but also talk to the clay banks we have here on Waiheke Island, This glaze is a satin glaze with lovely warm, pink and peach tones, while being a classic terracotta colour.

Designed and created on Waiheke Island, New Zealand. 

All products are oven and dishwasher safe.