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Timmy Smith

Thea Ceramics Mug

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Presenting Thea Ceramics mug range.

Thea Ceramics creates contemporary, hand-thrown ceramics for everyday use right here on our beautiful motu, Waiheke Island, Aotearoa.

Large mugs: 
Classic large mug, thrown on the pottery wheel in stoneware and double dipped glazed.
This mug is perfect for hot drinks and everyday enjoyment, around 10oz, 9cm tall and with a handle but big enough for a two finger grip.

Small mugs: 
These are a smaller version of our mugs, they are perfect for a shorter drink, made especially for long black coffee. Made with a sturdy handle, still with a two finger grip.These are thrown on the pottery wheel and finished in our bespoke glazes
These hold around 280ml and are 7 cm tall and 8 cm diameter.

Pōuriuri means darkest green in te reo Māori, te moana pōuriuri - like the darkest part of the ocean. This green is true dark green.

Aumoana, means blue clay or oceanic in te reo Māori. This glaze is a stain glaze and slightly translucent to show the natural texture of the clay

Karamea means caramel in te reo Māori but also talk to the clay banks we have here on Waiheke Island. This glaze is a satin glaze with lovely warm, pink and peach tones, while being a classic terracotta colour.

Muka: This matte cream glaze is named after the fibre Muka that is harvested from Harakeke (flax).

Dishwasher safe and hardwearing.

All items are hand made on the pottery wheel and will vary from size to size. If buying sets we try and match them for you.